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Our company located in beautiful seashore city Qingdao, it is one of the leading manufacturer that makes mechanical equipments of carpenter woodworking for the foundation.

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Paper sticking Production Line

Paper sticking Production Line
鈼廙ain feature
1銆両t can finish the dust collection,the glue spraying,the paper sticking.The hot and cold press successively with high efficicney.
2銆乀he rolls rising is controles by pneumatic lifting system.
3銆乀he glue coating system adopts the overunning clutch.
  鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. Work width 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm
Work piece thickness 3-40mm 3-40mm 3-40mm
Conveying speed 0-27m/min 0-27m/min 0-27m/min
Total power 26kw 20kw 12kw
Addearance size 28000×1900×1750mm 18000×1900×1750mm 12000×1900×1750mm
Net weight 8600kg 6500kg 3500kg
Paper sticking Production Line
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