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Our company located in beautiful seashore city Qingdao, it is one of the leading manufacturer that makes mechanical equipments of carpenter woodworking for the foundation.

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Paper sticking Production Line

鈼廙ain feature
1銆両t can finish the dust collection,the glue spraying,the paper sticking.The hot and cold press successively with high efficicney.
2銆乀he rolls rising is controles by pneumatic lifting system.
3銆乀he glue coating system adopts the overunning clutch.
  鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. Work width 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm
Work piece thickness 3-40mm 3-40mm 3-40mm
Conveying speed 0-27m/min 0-27m/min 0-27m/min
Total power 26kw 20kw 12kw
Addearance size 28000×1900×1750mm 18000×1900×1750mm 12000×1900×1750mm
Net weight 8600kg 6500kg 3500kg

MQJ268 Pneumatic venner clipper

Is designed for cutting piled venner.It is a necessarry equipment of wood based panel in second processing and make up pattems on varies decoraive tables.

FZ40 Peeling machine

鈼廡echinical specifications
max length 4000mm
thickness 0.3-2.5mm
speed 90娆/min
total power 62kw
total weight 24T
size 8900×5100×2400mm

MX3510 Finger jointer

鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. proccessing width 330mm
Max. proccessing thickness 120mm
Outside dia. of outter head 160mm
Diameter of cutter spindle 35/50mm
Diameter of saw blade


Rotating speed of main spindle 6000r/min
Dimension of working table 640×500mm
Installation power 9.7kw
Overall dimension 1500×1300×1300mm
Weight 650kg

MH1525/J Finger jointer clamp

鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. working length 2500mm
Max. working width 120mm
Max. working thickness 70mm
Max. working power 8000kg
Max. diameter of saw blade


Installation power 3.3kw

MJ2320 Copying wood lathe

鈼廡echinical specifications
Maximum turning diameter 220mm
Maximum cutting length 1950mm
Spindle speed 750/1200/1750/2800r/min
Tthe installation power 2.2kw/3kw

MH48 Hydraulic Door And Window Assembling Machine

鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. assembling size 1220×2500mm
Oil pump power 4kw
Upper oil tank number 2T×4pcs
Upper pressure 2.2kw/3kw
Side oil tank number 50×250st×2pcs
Overall size 3230×1900×1620mm
Weight 1300kg

MH2324 Frame Assembler Press(Twin Surfaces)

鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. assembling size 1200×2400mm
Oil pump power 4kw
Upper oil tank number 63×4pcs
Upper pressure 5T×4pcs
Side oil tank number 63×4pcs
Side pressure 5T×4pcs
Working air pressure 0.65Mpa
Overall size 4200×2150×2300mm
Weight 2830kg

MH1109 Veneer Splicer

鈼廡echinical specifications
Feeding motor power 0.18kw
Power 380V
Thickness of veneer 0.3-3mm
Feeding speed 15m/min
Throat depth 920mm
Heating pipe power 300w
Net weight 165kg
Overall dimensions 1250×450×1400mm

MJ3707A脳30 Single Head Bandre Saw

鈼廡echinical specifications
Width of conveyor belt 286mm
Feeding speed 0-25m/min
Saw blade size 4572×25.4×0.89mm
Saw wheel motor power 18.5kw
Hydraulic motor power 2.2kw
Overall dimensions 282×216×228mm
Net weight 1800kg

FQ1350 Multi-knifes reel slitter

鈼廡echinical specifications
Model FQ1350
Working width 25-1350mm
Working speed Frequency Control
Power 1kw
Total power 0.75kw
Overall size 2100×900×1750mm
Net weight 750kg

MB101 Frame Moulder

鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. working Width 100mm
Max. working Thickness 80mm
Install power 3kw
Rorktable Size 5000r/min

MF9225 Spary Booth

鈼廡echinical specifications
Shape dimension 2900×1600×2130mm
Water curtain layer 1/2
Pump power 1.5kw
Fan power 1.5kw
Wind speed 18m/s
Water curtain width 2440mm

MJ153 Single-sided saw machine

鈼廡echinical specifications
Processing Thickness 85mm
Selecting Shortest Length 120mm
Sawing Shaft Aperture 30mm
Feeding Speed 13.3-23.3m/min
Saw The Shaft Speed 4500r/min
Sawblade Motor Power 5.5kw-7.5kw
Feeding Motor Power 0.75kw
Machine Weight 1000kg

MJ142C Two-side Planer

鈼廡echinical specifications
Rotation speed of cutter shath 5900r/min
Max. Processing depth 420mm
Max. Processing length 260mm
Changing rate 4.5-16.5m/min
Uppor knife max cut 6mm
Lower knife max cut 3mm
Installation power 15.57kw

MB523 Surface Planer

鈼廡echinical specifications
Working table size 1800×320mm
Spindle speed 6800r/min
Motor power 2.2kw
Total weight 320kg

Dust collector

SJC-1 2280m³/h 2.2kw
SJC-2 2800m³/h 3kw
SJC-3 6000m³/h 5.5kw
SJC-4 7200m³/h 7.5kw

MM2617 Vertical shaking grinding machine

鈼廡echinical specifications
Sand belts line-speed 3120×170mm
Sand belts fluctuation trip 2840r/min
Total power 4.025kw

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