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Our company located in beautiful seashore city Qingdao, it is one of the leading manufacturer that makes mechanical equipments of carpenter woodworking for the foundation.

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Sanding machine

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BSG2213 Wide double-belt sander

  鈼廡echinical specifications
Name 1300mm(R-RP) 1300mm(R-P) 1300mm(RP-P)
Min. Working length 480mm 480mm 480mm
Working thickness 2.5-90mm 2.5-90mm 2.5-90mm
Speed pf abrasive belt 锛團锛20m/s锛圔锛18m/s 锛團锛20m/s锛圔锛18m/s 锛團锛20m/s锛圔锛18m/s
Feeding speed 6-30m/min 6-30m/min 6-30m/min
Total motor power 56.37kw(30/22/4) 49.37kw(30/15/4) 37.37kw(22/11/4)
Dimensions of abrasiv belt 2200×1330mm 2200×1330mm 2200×1330mm
Working air pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Volume of sucked air 900m³/h 900m³/h 900m³/h
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 2600×2100×2150mm 2600×2100×2150mm 2600×2100×2150mm
Net weight 3300kg 3100kg 3100kg

BSG2210 Wide double-belt sander

  鈼廡echinical specifications
Name 1000(R-RP) 1000R
Min. Working length 480mm 480mm
Working thickness 2.5-80mm 2.5-80mm
Speed pf abrasive belt 锛團锛18m/s锛圔锛18m/s 锛團锛18m/s
Feeding speed 6-30m/min 6-30m/min
Total motor power 31.37kw(18.5/11/1.5) 20.37kw(18.5/1.5)
Dimensions of abrasiv belt 1020×2000mm 1020×2000mm
Working air pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Volume of sucked air 8000m³/h 8000m³/h
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 1850×1500×2000mm 1750×1500×2000mm
Net weight 2500kg 1800kg

BSG2206 Wide double-belt sander

  鈼廡echinical specifications
Name 630mm(SR) 630mm(R-RP) 630mm(R-R-R)
Thickness of sanded panel 2.5-80mm 2.5-80mm 2.5-80mm
Dimensions of abrasive belt 650×1950mm 650×1950mm 650×1950mm
Working air pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa  
Total motor power 12.87kw 20.25kw 31.37kw
Overall dimesions(L×W×H) 1300×1200×1950mm 1500×1200×1950mm 1700×1200×1950mm
1st 2nd sanding belt speed 18m/s 18m/s 18m/s
3th sanding belt speed   12m/s 18m/s
Feed belt speed 5-20m/min 6-30m/min 5-20m/min
Net weight 1200kg 1500kg 2100kg

Sanding machine for marble and metal

  鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. working width 1000mm(灏哄鍙畾鍋)
Working thickness 3-120mm
Speed of sanding belt 18-12m/s
Speed of feed belt 6-30m/min
Total motor power 35.72kw
Working air pressure 0.55Mpa
Compressed air consumption 0.78m/min
Cooling water flow 7.5m³/h
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 2100×1700×2100mm
Net weight 3200kg

Special curve surface sander

鈼廡echinical specifications
Working width 1000mm
Working thickness 100mm
Motor for holistic lifting 0.55kw
Motor for sanding disc lifting 0.37kw
Motor for sanding disc rotating 2×1.5kw
Rotate speed of sanding disc 60-350rpm
Quantity of sanding disc 4涓3涓3涓
Motor for sanding roller 2×2.2kw
Rotate speed of sanding roller 60-350rpm
Quantity of sanding roller 2(骞宠寮)
Diameter of sanding roller 350mm
Motor for convey belt 1.5kw
Feeding speed of convey belt 4-18m/min
鈼廡echinical specifications
Motor for vacuum suction device 7.5kw
Enter diameter of vacuum suction device 4×120mm
Outlet diameter of vacuum suction device 200mm
Diameter of roller dust collection device 4×150mm
Air consumption for roller dust collection device 4×1272m³/h
Diameter of bower dust collection device 2×80mm
Air consumpting for blower dust collectiong device 2×390m³/h
Overall dimensions 3050×1620×2052mm
Net weight 2200kg


Sanding Machine for wood-plastic material / Laxquered panel sander

The fix-thickness roller of this kind of machine is low durometre stock roller,is dealt with exact dynamic balancing management.The revolving speed of coated abrasive is controled by transducer,which satisfies the sanding need of all kinds of timber.Running of the conveyer belt uses the strpless shift structure,which can choose proper speed by itself to insure quality of the sanding of the limb.To fix brushing roller at the discharge hatch can clear dust.To fix dust removal pipe at the top can clear the dust of the coated abrasive.The high-low adjustment of the trasporation machine tool is controlled by the computer,with the advantages of exactness,covenience,fast.The machine is indispensable to producting furniture and floor borad. 鈼廡echinical specifications
Max. working width 630-1300mm
Working thickness 2.5-100mm
Speed of feed belt 鍙皟
Working air pressure 0.55Mpa
Compressed air consumption 0.78m/min
Exhaust air consumpting 3000m³/h


BSG1300 wide belt sander

The series polishing is to the solid plank,the plywood,creates the flower the board,the multiply wood,the composite wood carry on the two-sided force to decide the thick polishing.Fine polishes. This type not primitive plate own thickness limit,May through two-sided decide the thick granulated substance niter time to take shape,the granulated substance niter quantity is big,fine high,thus enhancement production efficiently.   鈼廡echinical specifications
Working Thickness 3-120mm
Working length 40-1300mm
Size of abrasive belt 1350×2620mm
Main motor 75kw×2
Consumption of compressed air 0.15m³/min
Sucked air 25-30m/s

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