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Our company located in beautiful seashore city Qingdao, it is one of the leading manufacturer that makes mechanical equipments of carpenter woodworking for the foundation.

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Computer Process machine

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M25-X Computerized engraving machine

鈼廡echinical specifications
Working plate size 2500×1440mm
Travelling schedule 1300×2500mm
Resolution 0.025mm
Spindle power 4.5kw
Power supply AC380V/50Hz

Operation speed 350m/min
Spindle speed 24000r/min
Feeding hight 200mm
Tool handle diameter Φ6,Φ12.7
Carving instructions HPGL/Goode

M25-T Computerized engraving machine

鈼廡echinical specifications
Model M25T Optional
X Y working area 1300×2500mm < 2000×4000mm
Z working area 200mm < 450mm
Table size 1480×3000mm  
Max feeding >20m/min  
Work-honlding By suction  
Interface USB  

Command G Code *.u00*mmg*.plt Optional
Surroundings software Win98/win2000/winXP  
Power锛坣ot include the spindle锛 3000W  
Power AC380V/50Hz  
Main axle power rate 4.5KW×2 Italy air cooling
Main axle rotating speed 0-18000rpm  
Work mode Stepper Servo

FZ25.CNC Band Saw

Fully automatic processing greatly improves the efficiency and working quality,provided a firm foundation,allowing a smooth & faster production.
Advanced CNC system,simple and easy control.Only with basic CAD knowledge, technicians operated the machine easily without the other software application.
Machine constructed with high performance and high quality components.
Band Saw Blade ±90° rotate,Tilting Type Blanking Platform Expandable Clamping Device
鈼廡echinical specifications
Wheel Dia.&Width 900×60mm
Minimum Cutting Radius 100mm
Saw Width 13mm
Saw Length 5950mm
Saw Tilting -90°~+90°
Sawblade Speed 450-55rpm.50-60Hz
Cutting Capacity 2000×1250×150mm
Sawblade Drive Motor 10hp
Dust Exit Φ120×1 Φ100×3
Air Consumption 60mps/銕
Net Weight 4000+1500kg
Overall Dimensionsr 5600×3300×2700mm

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